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Field Update From Jay Scott

One of our hunting editor's, Jay Scott, recently sent us this update from the field, along with some great photos. You can read more of Jay's adventures on his blog,

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September 3rd

The weather is awesome in Unit 9! The smaller bulls are pushing cows around and acting tough. The big bulls have been a little elusive so far but I am sure they are just waiting for the rut to progress. We have had some fantastic sunrises and sunsets. Looking forward to the rest of the month in elk paradise!

September 5th

The elk rut is steadily improving here in Unit 9. The small bulls are getting their turn at pushing the cows and most of the bigger bulls are by themselves. Janis, Darr and I have been having lots of fun and enjoying one of God's greatest creations. Should be another good scouting morning.

September 6th 

It has not rained today which is a first in 8 days since we have been here. The forecast for the next 10 days calls for 20-40% chance of rain. The archery hunt starts a week from tomorrow. Bulls seem to be getting more engaged each day with more and more bugling activity. It is hard to beat Arizona elk hunting for sure. Excitement for the upcoming season is increasing each day. The thought of a 14 day archery season with a good moon makes me smile. Darr and I are in Unit 9 and Janis is scouting in Unit 10. I would say the antler growth is maybe just below average for unit 9. Seems like the backs are a little weaker than usual. Still should be a great season trying to find a big bull!

We'll be posting the rest of Jay's photos tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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