Important Changes to Elk Hunter and Western Hunter


Shifting Gears and Refining the Message

By Ryan Hatfield


Why this will be the final issue of Elk Hunter Magazine


When we decided to create Elk Hunter Magazine in 2011, the idea was to fill a specific void in the western hunting community – a true hunting-based publication for elk hunters. Over the past 5-1/2 years, it has been very successful and popular – a great complement to our well-established Western Hunter Magazine.


That begs the obvious question: Why get rid of a good thing? The answer is both simple and complex.


The fact is that the overwhelming majority of our subscribers receive both publications (thank you!). Also, for the most part, our editorial staff is the same in each publication. Other than the effort to make sure that EHM always had elk-specific info, the concepts of the magazines were similar and so were the contributors.


Each magazine was successful, but the end result was that the situation tended to confuse some of the public and potential advertisers, and dilute the overall “Western Hunter” brand. Couple this with the fact that we also have our TV show, The Western Hunter, and there were times where EHM could have been perceived as the outlier.


Overall, it just makes more sense to pull everything in under one umbrella and title. Thus, going forward, we will be putting all our efforts into a singular name – Western Hunter.


So, how exactly will this change affect your favorite columns, your subscriptions, etc.? For the most part, it won’t. Here’s our plan:

  • Western Hunter Magazine will now change from a quarterly publication to bimonthly (six issues per year), making it a more timely and dependable publication.
  • The magazine will expand in size by at least 16 pages per issue and potentially more.
  • Our popular columns from EHM, such as “The Hunting Horseman”, will now be included in WHM so you don’t lose any important specific content you already enjoy.
  • EHM-specific editors George Bettas and Corey Jacobsen will now appear in WHM.
  • Elk will once again become a more prominent element in WHM. We anticipate species coverage to settle in at around 30% mule deer, 30% elk, 30% other big game, and 10% predators.
  • We’re also very excited to welcome aboard well-known western hunting expert, Fred Eichler! Fred will focus primarily (but not entirely) on predator hunting. Fred is as experienced and broad-based as we could hope for, hunting around the world. His knowledge on elk and predator hunting, in particular, will be a great asset all of us.
  • Any leftover issues you had remaining from your EHM subscription will be applied to your WHM account. 

As you can see, going forward, Western Hunter is going to be chock full of tremendous content, supplied by an all-star editorial team that will bring unprecedented coverage of all things “western hunting”. It will have an emphasis on important gear and advanced tactics, while always remembering to acknowledge the big picture of why hunting is special and something to be treasured.


We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of all 22 issues of Elk Hunter Magazine. We know that you’ll enjoy our new, improved, and expanded version of Western Hunter!