Elk Hunter Magazine Spring 2014

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Spring 2014 provides entertaining and insightful articles including:


  • "Tough Terrain Bulls" Nate Simmons gives tips to make a backpack elk hunt effective without dangerously overexerting yourself in the process. 
  • "What's 11 Minutes Worth?" A story of a once in a lifetime bull that was seized by the local Game & Fish Department due to regulations not being properly followed. 
  • "Guided by Fire" This article by Remi Warren discusses tips for hunting in areas that have been subjected to wildfires and how to make the most of your time there. 
  • "Late Season Elk Hunting" Hunting elk during the late season can be cold and dangerous but Mike Duplan provides tips on how to have your best chance at success.
  • "Mystery Bull" A 16 year old gets the bull of a lifetime in an area of Washington filled with family tradition.