Heather's Choice® Entree - Smoked Salmon Chowder

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Our salmon is wild-caught and then cold-smoked by our friends at Tilgner’s Specialty Smoked Seafoods in Deep Creek, AK. We put six ounces of fresh salmon with peas, carrots, and potatoes in our chowder, and lightly season it with dill, cayenne and white pepper. Coconut milk powder makes this meal creamy and calorie rich! It's an Alaskan dish that anyone can enjoy!


Cold smoked wild Alaskan sockeye salmon

Sustainably caught and handled with care


No artificial flavors, MSG, fillers or preservatives

All real ingredients, no surprises

Wild-caught, never farmed

High in heart healthy omega-3s

Free of gluten, soy, tree nuts, eggs, and peanuts