Pyro Putty Can

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Summer: 40 - 110° F
Winter: -20 - 70° F
ECO:  40 -110° F, Environmentally Friendly


Starting a fire can be challenging, especially when there’s wind, rain, and poor weather. That’s why we created an easier, more efficient, non-toxic fire starter to support every survivalist, adventurer, hunter, outdoorsman, and bbq enthusiast. Whether you need a fire for outdoor cooking, warmth, or light, this gel fire starter makes it easy!


Designed to burn through sleet, rain, wind, high altitudes, and a wide range of temperatures, PYRO Putty is an essential addition to any 72-hour kit or survival supplies. Burn it while winter snowmobiling, fall hiking, spring skiing, or summer camping!


A proprietary, patent-pending putty that's pliable, sticky, and waterproof, this fire starter is easy to stick on logs, torches, or tinder. Create a fire that continues to burn for up to 15 minutes with a single quarter-sized dab. Stay safe out there without slowing yourself down with propane, complicated fire starters, or lighters that need to be recharged.


Add this fire-starter tool to your emergency preparedness kit and you’ll be ready for any situation. Be prepared for any natural disaster, power outage, or off-grid survival scenario with this fire-starting fuel can. Add it to your survivalist backpack, outdoor recreation accessories, or zombie apocalypse survival kit.


Don’t worry about wet logs, damp wood, or harsh weather — this fire starter fuel will burn in any weather or circumstances. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor lover’s survival kit, camping supplies, or recreation gear.