Season V-The Western Hunter

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Join Nate Simmons and Chris Denham as they travel the west pursuing elk, mule deer, Dall Sheep and even Blacktail. Watch our most favorite season yet and join us in all of the heart-stopping action.



 What are we really after?

It can't simply be boiled down to meat on the table or antlers strapped to our pack. If that were the case, why would we climb so high, endure so much and fail so often? To the weathered public land hunter, it isn't about the kill, it's about the process. It's about the beauty, the peace and the perspective it provides. It's about the pain and the fear we often face. At times it's about reconnecting not only with people you love, but a place you love. And on occasion, it's solitude that is needed to be able to reconnect with ourselves and listen to a voice more powerful than our own.