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Things That Make You Go “Huh?” Introducing the new Swarovski ATX and STX modular spotting scope By Chris Denham I honestly can’t remember having this much difficulty explaining a new product in the optics market! The new Swarovski ATX (angled) and STX (straight), hereby known at the Swarovski X scopes, are that revolutionary. It wasn’t until I saw the first photographs that I was completely sure I understood how the new scope works and what the potential benefits would be.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to rely on a press release and photos, since we were able to test one of...

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This article originally appeared in the premiere issue of Elk hunter Magazine. To subscribe and be among the first to read our gear reviews, click here! I spend most of my hunting time trying to get as close to game as possible, and there’s few things better than a good, dependable 100-yard shot at a trophy bull. However, there’s one little catch to hunting wary bulls - they’d actually just as soon keep that distance significantly larger, and their instincts and wit will often allow them to do just that. In those cases where a well-educated shot at greater distance...

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Swarovski Optik announced this morning a revolutionary line of spotting scopes. The new ATX/STX scopes have a modular, ergonomic design, and allow you to see the world through completely new eyes. The new ATX/STX family of spotting scopes from Swarovski Optik allow you to adapt to each situation without having to compromise on features or performance. Ergonomic design, modular flexibility and user friendliness combine to bring about a real revolution in the history of the spotting scope and set new standards for the next generation. In this new design, the zoom and focusing rings are directly next to each other, ensuring that you can...

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